Rio Tinto Mining Company

Benedict Peters
Benedict Peters
December 6, 2016
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October 6, 2016

Rio Tinto Mining Company

  • Year Founded: 1873
  • Key Founding Individuals: Several European and British investors
  • Key People: Jan du Plessis – Chairman, Jean-Sèbastien Jacques – Chief Executive, Christopher Lynch – Chief Financial Officer
  • Mined Resources:Diamonds, coal, uranium, copper, iron ore, bauxite and aluminium
  • Australia, Canada, Africa, South America, Asia and North Americaa
Rio Tinto Mining Company is a top global mining company. It is known as one of the largest metals and mining corporations in the world. Rio Tinto has undergone several mergers and acquisitions through the years, and has become established as one of the main players in several commodities including diamonds, coal, uranium, copper, iron ore, bauxite and aluminium. Although the company is mainly focused on extracting minerals, it also has major operations in refining iron ore and bauxite. Rio Tinto also owns and manages companies that offer the required infrastructure to provide logistics like ships, railways and ports. Mining operations include several underground mines, open pit mines, refineries, smelters, mills, hydropower facilities and power stations. Comprehensive operations, marketing and technology expertise, and a global presence enable Rio Tinto to supply top quality products at the right time. Company head offices are located in London and Melbourne and operations are on four continents in countries that include Canada, Guinea and China. Rio Tinto is listed on the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange.


Rio Tinto was founded on the 28th of March 1873 when a mining complex on the Rio Tinto in Huelva, Spain was bought from the Spanish government by European and British investors. The business was launched in London and the ancient copper mines of the Rio Tinto in Spain were reopened. In 1905 the company expanded business interests to include zinc bearing mining operations in New South Wales in Australia. In 1925 the company further developed to include mining in Zimbabwe. The trend of expansion that started in the early 20th Century did not stop and Rio Tinto continues its expansion to this day.

Company Mission and Vision

The company goal is to supply metals and minerals to help the world grow by finding, mining, processing and selling mineral resources - while also delivering strong returns to shareholders. Rio Tinto Mining Company takes a disciplined approach with focus on long-term, low-cost and expandable operations. The aim is to produce end-products that contribute to higher living standards. Rio Tinto has a workforce that consists of around 55,000 people across over 40 countries. A company culture of achievement and innovation is fostered.

Directors and Management

Rio Tinto is managed by a diverse group of highly experienced individuals from a variety of countries and backgrounds. Chairman Jan du Plessis is a South African who was appointed as chairman in 2009. Jean-Sèbastian Jacques was appointed as chief executive officer in 2013 after working in a range of operational positions in the global steel and mining industry. CFO Christopher Lynch is an Australian with nearly three decades of experience in the mining and metals industry.
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