China Shenhua Energy

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China Shenhua Energy

  • Year Founded: 2004
  • Key Founding Individuals: China Shenhua Energy is state founded and owned
  • Key People: Dr. Zhang Yuzhuo – Chairman, Ling Wen – Vice Chairman
  • Mined Resources: Coal
  • Operational Regions: People’s Republic of China

China Shenhua Energy is an internationally acclaimed coal-based energy company. The company’s main business interests include producing and selling coal, providing railway and port transport for materials related to coal, and generating and selling power. Shenhua is the largest coal vendor in China and is a prime example of how coal can be produced on a large scale in a highly efficient manner. A significant number of provincial and regional electric companies in China avail of this efficiency and are supplied with coal-based power solutions. Shenhua is a state-owned enterprise and is known for its progress in implementing smart mining technologies that are geared to improve overall safety and efficiency. In 2013 the company was given the Leadership on Mining Safety Award by the World Coal Association.


China Shenhua Energy was initiated by the Shenhua Group Corporation in 2004 in Beijing and shares in the company were listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. In 2009 the company announced that they will invest US$39.5 billion into increasing their coal production. The following year Shengua and Mitsui & Co. agreed to a contract that involved extensive operations in the coal industry from mine development abroad to shipping to manufacturing chemicals and developing the effectiveness of coal usage. Later in 2010 the company invested US$2 billion in constructing a railway using 35% of its own capital. In 2011 Shenhua acquired 40% shares in the biggest coal initiative in Mongolia.

Company Mission and Vision

The company’s operational philosophy involves being faithful and honest in all business dealings. It is important for China Shenhua Energy to operate within the legal constraints of the law, and to fulfil their social responsibilities while performing work duties. Shenhua places strong focus on social and political responsibility. The company is exploring coal resource conservation and developing low-cost and green energy strategies. By saving energy and reducing emissions, Shenhua is helping to protect the environment. The company vision is to create a large scale energy enterprise which is internationally competitive by pursuing the development of coal mines, ports, railway lines, electricity suppliers, coal-to-chemicals and coal-to-liquids. Through pursuing scientific development Shenhua plans to double its takings in five years.


China Shengua Energy has operations in coal mining and electricity and renewable energy production. As the largest coal production company in the People’s Republic of China, Shenhua operates both open cut and underground mines. The company sells millions of tonnes of coal every year, most of it mined by its subsidiaries. Because of a strong focus on environmental conservation Shenhua has invested nearly US$40 million into remediating water, soil and the environment. One of the projects the company was involved in during 2014 was responsible for the afforestation of more than 25,000,000 square meters.