Kermas Investment Group

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Kermas Investment Group

  • Year Founded: 1989
  • Key People: Dr Danko Koncar – General Director
  • Head quarters: Helsinki, Finland

Kermas Investment Group is an international investment company with a range of subsidiary companies in various fields. While the main focus of the group is mineral processing and mining, it also has major investments in real estate, renewable energy, agriculture, shipbuilding and marina development. The Kermas Investment Group head office is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland and the company has operational bases around the world in South Africa, Turkey, Germany, Malta, Zimbabwe, Burundi and Croatia.


Kermas Investment Group was launched in 1998 and in 1999 acquired Chrome Chemicals, a company in Chelyabinsk, Russia. In 2003 the company acquired Serov Ferro-Alloys Plant, a chrome producer which is also in Russia. In 2004 a German company Elektrowerk Weisweiler was acquired. The expansion continued in 2005 with the acquisition of major shares in Samancor Chrome, one of the biggest ferrochrome production companies in the world. In 2007 Kermas diversified into areas other than mining and minerals with the investment of Afarak, a wood processing company in Finland and Brodotrogir, a shipyard in Croatia.


Kermas Investment Group has subsidiary companies in 11 different countries and has three major areas of focus under which its operations fall: mining, real estate and green energy. The company has several decades of experience in mining and mining operations subsidiaries include: Afarak Group PLC, Chromex Mining Ltd, BMM International Ltd and Framework Investment Ltd. The real estate investment component of Kermas aims to develop its portfolio through quality and well-designed assets. Projects include: Marina St. Katarina, Tourist Resort/Golf, Agritourism Istria and Marina Trogir. As part of the Kermas international investment strategy the Kermas Group places focus on the development of sustainable and clean energy sources. The Kermas clean energy projects include wind, hydro and solar initiatives.

Directors and Management

Dr Danko Koncar is the general director of Kermas and has been with the company since its inception. Dr Koncar has helped build the company into a large global concern with a highly successful and diverse portfolio, and is the driving force behind the continued diversification of the group. Before joining Kermas he worked in several high ranking roles, mainly in the field of minerals processing and trading. Dr Koncar also served as CEO and as business development director of Afarak, an alloy production company based in Helsinki which is also a subsidiary of Kermas Investment Group.

Mission and Vision

Although the company has investments around the world in a variety of industries, it believes that its main asset is its human capital. Kermas Investment Group strives to achieve excellence in all projects and operations and upholds the high standards required to achieve this every day. The professional development of all employees and associates is held in high regard. By growing and managing the company’s portfolio of subsidiaries, benefits to the whole group is maximised and the company is better able to make a positive impact on local communities in which they operate.