Rio Tinto Alcan

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Rio Tinto Alcan

  • Year Founded: 1902 (as an Alcoa subsidiary)
  • Key Founding Individuals: Was founded as the Canadian arm of Alcoa
  • Key People: Alfredo Barrios – President and CEO
  • Mined Resources: Bauxite
  • Operational Regions: North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East

Rio Tinto Alcan is an aluminium mining and production company. It is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto - one of the largest multinational metals and mining companies in the world. Company headquarters is located at the Deloitte Tower in Montreal, Quebec in Canada and the company has operational bases in North and South America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Rio Tinto Alcan is known as the leading company of its kind around the world.


Originally a subsidiary of Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan was founded as Northern Aluminium Company in Montreal in 1902. In 1925 the company name was changed to Aluminium Company of Canada Limited and in 1928 it became independent from Alcoa. In 1945 the company was registered as Alcan and after a few further name changes settled on Rio Tinto Alcan in 2008 when it was acquired by Rio Tinto Canada Holding.


Rio Tinto Alcan is operational in Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Oman, New Zealand, Iceland, Guinea, France and Canada. The company owns, operates or has a vested interest in five alumina refineries, six bauxite deposits and mines and six alumina plants. Bauxite ore is refined into smelter-grade alumina for customers and for Alcan Primary Metal. Rio Tinto Alcan also produces specialty-grade alumina and owns a range of trucks, railways, marine shipping facilities and ports that make up an extensive international transport network. The Alcan Primary Metal group is involved with 22 smelters located in countries across the globe. The group is responsible for Rio Tinto Alcan’s smelting operations and technology, sales of equipment, aluminium trading, power generation installations, and fluoride plants.

Rio Tinto Alcan Alfredo Barrios