Anvil Mining

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August 23, 2016
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August 20, 2016

Anvil Mining

  • Year Founded: 2002
  • Key Founding Individuals: Unknown
  • Key Executives: Jeremy Weir, CEO of Trafigura
  • Beheer BV, the major shareholder of Anvil Mining
  • Mined Resources: Copper and silver concentrate
  • Operational Regions: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Anvil Mining is a copper production company that has been operational since 2002 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The company headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada. Anvil Mining is a publically held company and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. One of the company’s major shareholders is Trafigura Beheer BV. In 2010, Anvil produced over 16,500 tonnes of copper.


Anvil was incorporated as Dikulushi Resources Limited in the beginning of 2004 in accordance with the Business Corporations Act of the Northwest Territories. In March that year, the company changed its name to Anvil Mining Limited. While the DRC remains Anvil Mining’s key focus area for exploration, the company also has principal assets in the Philippines and in Zambia. Three mines are operated in the DRC – Mutoshi, Dikulushi, and Kinsevere. The Kolwezi Klippe is part of the Mutoshi allowance and one of the most productive areas of the copper belt in Africa. Anvil Mining holds 80% of an area that covers 29% of the Klippe in partnership with Gécamines, that holds the remaining 20%. The Kolwezi Klippe is responsible for over 70% of the copper production in the DRC.

Company Mission and Vision

Anvil Mining’s core values are integrity, respect, accountability, and adding value to the community. The company’s vision is to not only be a great mining company, but to also make a meaningful difference to the community it works in by protecting the environment, the company employees, and the community from harm. Anvil Mining believes in being ethical, transparent, honest, and law-abiding in all of its operations. A high level of respect towards one another is upheld and cultural diversity is acknowledged and valued. The company accepts accountability for actions and for upholding policies. By providing opportunities that result in improvements made in infrastructure, education, and health in the regions the company operates in, Anvil Mining provides added value to the community as a whole.

Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible mining company Anvil Mining places focus on providing economic opportunities that result in sustainable development of infrastructure, education, and health in the regions in which it operates. Between 2006 and 2008, Anvil collaborated with Pact, an American community development agency to establish a framework in which effective community development and engagement can take place. A comprehensive approach resulted in a major increase in community engagement levels, more effective governance structures, and a higher level of reporting on environmental and safety concerns. Anvil Mining is fully committed to upholding basic human rights and to contributing to a prosperous national economy. In 2008, InterAction awarded the company with a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of their contribution towards the global fight against poverty.