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October 17, 2019
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August 4, 2019


  • Year Founded:Previously known as Kumba Resources. Kumba Resources was unbundled and renamed as Exxaro in 2006.
  • Key Founding Individuals: CEO Mxolisi Mgojo and CFO Pieter Koppeschaar
  • Mined Resources:Coal, titanium dioxide, and zinc.
  • Operational Regions: Exxaro mainly operates in South Africa in the Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces but also has vested interests in Botswana, the Republic of the Congo, and Australia.


The original forerunner to Exxaro was Iscor, which was established in 1928. In 1999, Eyesizwe was founded and successfully acquired Newco to form Eyesizwe Coal. In 2001, Kumba Resources was launched when Iscor unbundled and started mining and producing coal, iron ore, base metals, and mineral sands. In 2006, Kumba Resources unbundled and merged with Eyesizwe Coal to create Exxaro Resources and become listed on the JSE.
Exxaro is a leading South African coal and mineral mining company. It has been listed on the JSE since 2001 and is a constituent of the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index. Exxaro produces close to 40 million tons of coal every year and plans to significantly expand this in the near future. After gold, coal is the resource that bring South Africa the largest sums of revenue, making up over 6% of the country’s total merchandise exports. Exxaro operates throughout regions with high levels of top-quality coal. The company has mines at sites that include:

  • Grootgeluk – A thermal, metallurgical, and coking coal mine in Limpopo producing 23.4 Mt.
  • Mafube – Exxaro owns 50% of this thermal coal mine in Mpumalanga that produce 3.4 Mt.
  • Leeuwpan – A thermal and metallurgical coal mine located in Mpumalanga that produces 3.8 Mt.
  • Matla - A thermal coal mine located in Mpumalanga producing 8.5 Mt.
  • Dorstfontein Complex - A thermal coal mine located in Mpumalanga producing 2.5 Mt.
  • Forzando Complex - A thermal coal mine located in Mpumalanga producing 2.0 Mt.
  • Company Mission and Vision

    Exxaro has a vision of making a positive impact on the world and aims to be a driving force behind improving the lives of people living on the African continent and beyond. To achieve this, the company invests in commodities that will ultimately supply the basic and primary needs for the sustainment of life. Exxaro's stated belief is that continuous innovation and growth will lead to endless possibilities.

    Staff and Employees

    Exxaro has between 5,000 and 10,000 employees and is one of the largest BEE-empowered companies in South Africa. Exxaro has a solid understanding that any company is only as strong as its people and thus believes in placing a priority on investment in its workforce.

    Directors and Management

    The Exxaro management team consists of:

    • Mxolisi Mgojo – CEO
    • Pieter Koppeschaar – CFO
    • Jeffrey van Rooyen – Chairman of the board

    Social Responsibility

    Exxaro believes that everything done today should be geared to ensuring a more productive and safer future. The company is involved in a range of community investment projects, such as infrastructure, health, food production, and education. By maximizing opportunities for socio-economic development, the company hopes to help build sustainable societies