Gécamines SA

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Gécamines SA

  • Year Founded: 1906
  • Key Founding Individuals: Cecil Rhodes, Leipold II of Belgium
  • Key Executives: Albert Yuma, Chairman; Jacques Kamenga, CEO; Jack Rosen, Board of Directors
  • Mined Resources: Copper, cobalt, zinc, tin, gold, uranium, coal
  • Operational Regions: Democratic Republic of Congo, Headquarters in Lubumbashi

The state-controlled corporation Gécamines SA (a contraction of the title La Générale des Carrières et des Mines), explores, researches, exploits and produces various mineral deposits. It is also involved in securities and property within the commercial, industrial and financial sectors, as well as development activities in farming and agriculture.

Gécamines SA is the largest mining company in the DRC, one of the largest in Africa, and owns the world’s largest deposit of cobalt. Situated in the Katanga Province, which is rich in mineral deposits, Gécamines has partnered with companies such as Anglo-Swiss, Glencore International, Freeport-McMoran, and Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation.


Gécamines SA was established in 1906 when Société Générale de Belgique -Union Miniere du Haut Katanga (UMHK) merged with Tanganyika Concessions Ltd. In 1967, UMHK became Congolese General Minerals (GECOMIN). In 1970 GECOMIN became Congolese General Mines (GÉCOMINES) which in 1972 became Gécamines. Three subsidiaries were created in 1984 and subsequently merged in 1995: Operating Gécamines, Gécamines-Commercial, and Gécamines-Development.

Gécamines SA was once the world's largest mining company, producing 500,000 tonnes of copper a year during the 1980s, and has since then remained a significant role in the field of copper mining.

In 2013, in an effort to enhance profitability, US businessman and American Jewish Congress President, Jack Rosen, was appointed to the Board of Directors. In 2015, a strategic copper and cobalt cooperation accord was signed with the Hong-Kong Stock Exchange.

Company Mission and Vision

Gécamines SA invests in the areas of medical services, education, and environment. A unique network of medical training facilities within a 300km radius of its mines include 6 hospitals, 6 clinics, 26 community health centres, and 17 medical practices. The organised services include operating theatres, intensive care units, a haemodialysis unit, cardiology, gastro entomology, medical imaging, analysis laboratories, dentistry, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, ear and throat specialists, maternity, and neonatology.

Each medical training facility has full services, including internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics, and mother-child health centres.

Gécamines SA has 111 schools offering nursery, primary, secondary, and technical education to descendants of the mines’ employees. Gécamines SA education presents a range of options for young school-leavers, including biochemistry, mathematics, physics, commercial computers, electronics, electricity, general mechanics, car mechanics, industrial chemistry, mechanical maintenance, metallurgy, mining and cutting, and sewing.

Gécamines SA conducts regular inspections to ensure the safety of industrial and related facilities. The operating parameters of these units are determined in collaboration with specialists from the Geological Department, Department of Mining Studies, Department of Metallurgical Studies, and the Division of Studies and Construction.