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August 16, 2016
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August 7, 2016


Gemfields: Leading from the Front with Responsibly Mined Coloured Gemstones

Gemfields is a Leader in Responsibly Mined Gemstones

Gemfields is one of the premier UK mining companies with vast operations throughout the African continent. The current CEO of the company is Mr. Ian Harebottle and the company’s mining operations span far and wide from Madagascar to Mozambique and Zambia. Among the many precious gems mined by Gemfields are rubies, corundum, emeralds and amethysts. Gemfields has adopted a multi-pronged strategy encompassing the following objectives:

  • Maintaining a stable supply of high-grade coloured gemstones for global markets
  • Full transparency, disclosure, training and certification at all times
  • Leading the world with precious gemstone production (rubies, emeralds, and sapphires among others)
  • Promulgation of mining ethics, coloured gemstone exploration and management efficiency

The Zambian operations are among the most lucrative for Gemfields. There the company mines amethysts and emeralds. And in Mozambique, Gemfields mines for corundum and rubies. The company strives for excellence in responsible mining practices and for mining the highest-grade precious gems possible. Gemfields provides pro-grade uncut gemstones to global market participants. The company operates with trusted sources of supply. More recently, Gemfields established a separate division tasked with selling cut and polished coloured gemstones.

As recently as 2013, Gemfields acquired Faberge - the #1 global producer of gemstones. This world-famous brand has brought plenty of prestige and appeal to Gemfields and it has allowed the company to tap into a vast pool of markets and buyers to further promote the Faberge brand and the range of coloured gemstones mined at Gemfields’ African and Madagascar mines. The company’s brand ambassador is Hollywood A-list celebrity Mila Kunis.