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August 15, 2019
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July 25, 2019

Niron Metals

  • Year Founded:2018
  • Key Founding Individuals: Sir Mick Davis
  • Key People: Sir Mick Davis, Varda Shine, Marcos Camhis
  • Mined Resources: Iron ore, chrome, manganese, and nickel
  • Operational Regions: Guinea and Liberia

History and Vision

Niron Metals is a UK-based private mining company co-founded by Sir Mick Davis in 2018. In a previous venture, Davis led a mining firm called Xstrata from a value of USD 500 million to a position in which the giant Anglo American mining company offered it a takeover bid.
Niron was launched with the stated goal of creating valuable long-term opportunities in the international mining and metals industry. The company's website details its value system of maintaining high environmental, ethical, and social standards in all its activities. It intends to establish long-term, efficient, and profitable operations while maintaining a social license to do so and respect for the environment.


In February 2019, Niron Metals issued a press release detailing an agreement that it made with the Republic of Guinea. The statement said that the company hopes to begin production at the Zogota iron-ore deposit at an accelerated pace. In April 2019, Niron and the Republic of Liberia announced that they had signed a Memorandum of Understanding over the use of Liberian railroads and ports in order to transport iron ore through the country from the Zogota deposit. The Zogota project is expected to produce approximately two million tons of iron ore per year.

Founders and Management

  • Sir Mick Davis - Co-founder and Chairman of the Board Sir Mick Davis has helped build several multinational mining companies. For example, he launched the Ingwe Coal Corporation in South Africa, secured a listing on the London Stock Exchange for Billiton, and oversaw the merger between Billiton and BHP.
  • Varda Shine – Board Member Varda Shine has worked as an executive in various roles in the mining sector, specifically on the continent of Africa. In her former position as CEO of De Beers Trading Company, Shine directed the company's relocation from the UK to Botswana.
  • Marcos Camhis – Prior to being appointed as a member of the board of Niron Metals, Camhis was the founder and CEO of FOS Asset Management SA, a Switzerland-based private equity specialist company.
Niron Metals