Trollope Mining Services

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Trollope Mining Services

  • Year Founded: 1975
  • Key Founding Individuals: Peter and John Trollopeg
  • Key People: Peter and John Trollope, managing director - Michael Guy Crofton Hopkins
  • Mined Resources: Copper, coal, andalusite, phosphate, platinum, gold and diamonds
  • Operational Regions:DRC

Operational Regions

The Limpopo Provice, Gauteng, North West Province, Mpumalanga and the Freestate in South Africa, and Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Trollope Mining Services (TMS) is a South African Mining Services company that operates in the civil and mining industries. TMS provides services that include opencast mining, rehabilitation, and screening, crushing, earthworks, plant hire and road construction. The company also mines copper in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).


TMS was founded by Peter and John Trollope in 1975. In 2000 the company moved its headquarters to Johannesburg, South Africa and started expanding operations to include Limpopo province, Gauteng, North West province, Mpumalanga and the Freestate. In 2015 the company ventured into copper mining in the DRC at Kipoi, a copper mine owned by the Australian mining company Tiger Resources


For over three decades TMS has collaborated with industry giants like Exxaro Coal, Sumo Coal, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton, Northam Platinum and Universal Coal. The company’s mining operations in South Africa include gold, diamonds, coal, platinum, adalusite and phosphate and its operations in the DRC include copper mining.

Mission and Vision

The core philosophy of Trollope Mining Services is that ‘business is about people’. Employees and local communities where the company operates greatly benefit from a variety of initiatives including training, fund raising projects and socio-economic development programs. As a privately owned company TMS bases operations on sound corporate practices and is known for delivering exceptional services in the mining industry. With focus on the highest levels of safety, the company is performance driven and customer oriented. TMS intends to maintain a high level of independence with little reliance on external suppliers.

Directors and Management

Michael Guy Crofton Hopkins is the managing director of Trollope Mining Services. Hopkins worked at Group Five for nearly 20 years holding several roles. He started at Trollope Mining Services in 2010 and has been working on restructuring the company for the past three years. Peter William Trollope and John Wesley Trollope are directors and founders of Trollope Mining Services. The brothers started the company when they purchased a D6 bulldozer on an auction held by the South African army and started hiring it out to local farmers. They have nearly 40 years of experience in the mining industry. Danie Hendrik Christoffel le Roux is a director of Trollope Mining Services. Danie has over 30 years of experience in the mining industry and started working at Trollope Mining Services in 1989 as site manager. Nkosemntu Gladman Nika is a director of Trollope Mining Services. After an impressive career in accountancy he achieved the position of Financial Director and CFO of Petro SA. Mthetheli Buya is a director of Trollope Mining Services. He is a highly respected South African businessman and the owner and chairman of Sthathu Group, an investment company.