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November 17, 2019
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August 15, 2019


  • Year Founded:Zimplats is Delta Gold Limited’s vehicle for platinum interests. Delta first acquired rights to platinum resources on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe in 1986 and in 1998 demerged its platinum interests into Zimplats.
  • Key Founding Individuals: Zimplats is a subsidiary of Impala Platinum Holdings Limited and was founded as the platinum investment vehicle of Delta Gold Limited. Richard P Menell and William Harry Myckatyn are board members of Delta Gold Limited.
  • Mined Resources:Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Rhodium and Nickel.
  • Operational Regions: Zimplats operates in Zimbabwe and is located on the Hartley Geological Complex on the Great Dyke of Zimbabwe.


Zimplats was launched by Delta Gold Limited in 1998 to absorb its platinum interests. In 1999 the company acquired BHP’s interests in the Mhondoro Platinum and Hartley Platinum. In 2001 Zimplats launched the Ngezi/SMC project and in 2002 the first converter matte was exported. In 2001 Implats joined forces with Absa Bank Limited of South Africa (ABSA) and acquired a 30% stake in Zimplats. The remaining shares were held by Zimplats until a further 21% stake was acquired from Aurion Gold and an additional 15% from ABSA. Implats then made a cash offer to all minor stakeholders which resulted in the company currently holding 87% shares. In 2001 production at the Ngezi opencast mine commenced and in 2006 the project was expanded. In 2010 the Bimha Mine was closed and redevelopment commenced.

Company Mission and Vision

The Zimplats focus is on extracting mineral resources in an environmentally and socially friendly manner while upholding the highest health and safety regulations. The company vision is to be the leading mine in the platinum sector in terms of safety and cost while generating higher returns to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Staff and Employees

Zimplats has a total of 1,997 employees. The company is focused on developing the capabilities of staff and provides appropriate rewards and recognition to all staff members.

Directors and Management

The management team of Zimplats consists of:

  • Alexander Mhembere - Chief executive officer
  • Stewart Magaso Mangoma - Chief financial officer
  • Stanley Segula – Managing director
  • Takawira Maswiswi – Human resources director
  • Amend Chiduma – Technical director
  • Sibusisiwe Chindove – Head of corporate affairs
  • Dr Fholisani Sydney Mufamadi - Chairman of the board

Social Responsibility

Zimplats is committed to sustainability for future generations and upholds extraction methods that are eco-friendly. The company is involved with developing local enterprises as a way of building the abilities of local communities through various local enterprise development programmes. The programmes involve promoting business links with local entrepreneurs and spares and protective equipment manufacturers. Zimplats makes regular donations and provides assistance to causes such as the cyclone Idai disaster, the fight against cholera and the refurbishment of the Kadoma General Hospital. Beyond the Skin is an initiative sponsored by Zimplats which is focused on raising awareness of albinism. The company is dedicated to dispelling myths surrounding this condition and promoting equality of people with albinism through education.