Key Figures in the Mining Industry

Who is in the Driving Seat of the Mining Industry in Africa?

As a major hub of mineral mining in the world, and an untapped wealth of natural resources, Africa has a vast and booming mining industry. The industry not only provides employment to millions of African citizens, it is also an important source of earnings to most African nations through export. The industry is also a major contributor to social and economic integration throughout the continent. But what is a successful industry without the people who are driving it towards success?

The People who are Making it all Happen

The key figures of the mining industry are the men and women who are using their skills, education and experience to improve an already flourishing industry. The unprecedented growth and development of mines and mining companies is made possible by these individuals. They are not only passionate about what they achieve personally, but also deeply invested in making valuable contributions to the industry as a whole – and to the continent. These people are the driving force behind the immense success the industry has experienced since the gold rush of the 1800s launched Africa into an upward trajectory to mineral mining wealth.

Exploring the key Figures in the Mining Industry of Africa

In this section you will have the opportunity to explore some of the key figures in the mining industry on the African continent – the people behind the most valuable, inspiring and innovative mining companies. You will learn more about these important people by delving into their career journeys, and exploring their personal lives. We will also look at educational, philanthropic, and particularly career achievements to gain appreciation for their efforts in developing and growing the economy of the African states.