Balisi Bonyongo

Andrew Mackenzie
Andrew McKenzie
September 25, 2016
Tito Titus Mboweni
September 15, 2016

Balisi Bonyongo

  • Company: Debswana
  • Year of birth: Unknown
  • Last known country of residence: Botswana

Appointed as Managing Director of Debswana in January 2014; Appointed as Chief Operating Officer for Debswana in January 2013; Serves as the Chief Executive of Debswana at De Beers Société Anonyme; Appointed as Director of PEO; Appointed as Director of BPC; Appointed as Independent Non-Executive Director of the First National Bank of Botswana Limited in May 2009 and served until November 2013; Obtained a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mineral Engineering, achieving first class and honours in 2002; Obtained a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 2007; Attended a Senior Executive Program at the London Business School in 2007. Previous places of work: Balisi Bonyongo worked at Debswana for over 20 years in several roles including: Managing Director; Chief Operating Officer; Commissioning Manager of the Aquarium Project at Jwaneng Mine; Corporate Strategy Manager at Debswana Head Office; General Manager at Jwaneng Mine..


Balisi Mohumi Bonyongo is an African businessman and the managing director of Debswana Diamond Company (Pty) Ltd. Debswana is the top rough diamond producer in the world by value. After completing his secondary education Balisi Bonyongo went abroad to the United Kingdom where he enrolled to study at the University of Leeds. He graduated first class with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree with Honours in the field of Mineral Engineering in the early 1990s. Bonyongo later achieved a MBA from the University of Cape Town in 2007.


Balisi Bonyongo has had a distinguished career spanning over two decades at Debswana. He started working at the company after his graduation in 1992. Bonyongo’s first position was that of Junior Plant Metallurgist. In the following years the engineer held several senior management and executive roles. As in 2016 Balisi Bonyongo’s most recent appointment was that of Managing Director of Debswana.


Balisi Bonyongo is actively involved with rescue efforts of rhinoceros and other aspects of wildlife conservation in Botswana. He is the chairman and co-founder of the Tlhokomela Trust along with Honourable Minister Tshekedi Khama, Map Ives, Michelle Goush, Leina Gabaarane, Mike Chase, Jillian Blackbeard and Keith Vincent.

Tlhokomela Trust is Botswana’s endangered wildlife trust founded with the goal of being a facilitating entity for conservation activities. ‘Thlokomela’ means ‘to protect’ in Setswana, the main language of Botswana. In line with its name, the trust’s mission is to protect and expand the country’s wilderness and its critically endangered species, like the rhinos. Tlhokomela has been launched in Botswana and in the United Kingdom.

In July 2016 Tlhokomela Trust played a considerable role in a charitable air navigation event called Race for Rhinos. The idea behind the event is to raise awareness of the plight of rhinos in Africa, and to raise funds to assist endangered species, particularly rhinos. Tlhokomela Trust made a public pledge to the Botswana Government during the event with the promise to do as much as possible to keep the rhinos in Botswana safe.