Beny Steinmetz

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Beny Steinmetz

  • Company: Steinmetz Diamonds Group
  • Year of birth: 1956
  • Last known country of residence: Israel

Beny Steinmetz is an international businessman and philanthropist who has built on his experience in the fields of diamond mining and minerals to establish a global network of business interests in a variety of commercial fields.


At the age of 21, having completed his three-year term of compulsory military service in his native Israel, Beny Steinmetz relocated to Antwerp, Belgium, where he worked with leading diamond dealer Abraham Laub. While working with Laub, Steinmetz acquired the deep knowledge of the diamond industry on which he built his career. Before long, Steinmetz established a number of strategic partnerships and important working relationships in Africa. Since the beginning of his career in the diamond industry Beny Steinmetz has maintained a fruitful commercial relationship with the Rubin Steinmetz and Sons Diamond Company which was founded by his father.

Main Achievements

The business known today as Steinmetz Diamonds Group (SDG) came into being during the 1990s, when Beny Steinmetz co-founded this new entity with his brother Daniel. Since then, Steinmetz has drawn on the network of industry contacts that he established during his early days in the diamond business to build enduring relationships and create new business opportunities in many countries, including Namibia, India and South Africa. These connections coupled with a healthy dose of sharp business instincts and excellent communication skills have given rise to a business that is still growing and expanding well beyond its origins in the diamond industry to become a hub of diverse global interests. An enterprise that started out as a more local concern has now become a multi-dimensional empire. Drawing on his extensive experience, Beny Steinmetz also acts as advisor to BSGR, a private group that is internationally active in the fields of natural resources, metal and mining.
In February 2019, an agreement was reached involving Beny Steinmetz, BSGR, and the Guinean government through which the Zogota mine would be developed by Niron Metals, which is directed by Sir Mick Davis. Steinmetz said regarding the agreement that the production and export of iron ore would be accelerated and that this was a win-win situation for everyone. The parties to the agreement said that they believe it will allow for the development of world-class mining projects, ultimately yielding great benefit to the Guinean people.


Beny and Agnes Steinmetz also had a shared determination to bring about a better future for Israel’s children and young people. In 2007, this determination inspired the couple to establish a charitable body known as the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation. The new foundation built on and expanded the work that the Steinmetzs were already doing for various charitable causes. The decision to create a foundation of their own that would have a special focus on the well-being and educational requirements of at-risk children and young people enabled Agnes and Beny Steinmetz to build on the charitable work they had previously undertaken by creating a more formal grant-dispensing process devoted to the same vitally important causes. In particular, the Agnes and Beny Steinmetz Foundation has made substantial contributions to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, sponsoring the construction of a two-gallery wing dedicated to architecture and design.

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