Kelvin Dushnisky

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Kelvin Dushnisky

  • Company: Barrick Gold
  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Last known country of residence: Canada

Kelvin Dushnisky is a Canadian business executive in the mining industry. He is the President and the Chairman of the Board of Barrick Gold Corporation. Dushnisky has extensive international experience with several private and public companies and is a veteran in public affairs, development agreements and project approvals in the mining sector.


After completing his basic education Kelvin Dushnisky started studying at the University of Manitoba where he achieved a Bachelor of Science degree with honours. He also holds a Master of Science degree and a Juris Doctor degree, both obtained from the University of British Columbia.

Early Career

Kelvin Dushnisky has a successful career in the mining industry that has stretched over nearly three decades. During this time he has held several prominent positions and directorships including:

  • Director of RedCorp Ventures Inc.
  • Director of Blackstone Ventures, 2000 – 2010
  • Director of Vestor Resources, 1997 – 1999
  • Founding director, president, CEO and vice chairman of EuroZinc Mining Corporation until 2001
  • Director of BioteQ Environmental Technologies, 2001 – 2012
  • Director of CanWel Building Materials Group from 2004
  • Vice president of Rescan Consultants
  • Vice president Sutton Resources, 1996 – 1999
  • Managing director of Altara Securities

Career with Barrick Gold

Kelvin Dushnisky joined Barrick Gold in 2002 as director of regulatory affairs. In May 2003 he became the vice president of regulatory affairs. In September 2005 Dushnisky’s role changed yet again when he started serving as senior vice president of corporate affairs – a position he held until December 2007. From December 2007 he was the executive vice president of corporate affairs before his role was expanded to include being the executive vice president of corporate and legal affairs in June 2010. Between August 2012 and July 2014 Dushnisky had global responsibility for the company’s government relations, corporate responsibility, permitting and communications. From July 2014 until August 2015 he was the co-President of Barrick Gold. He was then appointed as the President of the company. Dushnisky’s role involves sharing overall responsibility for the execution of strategic priorities and operating plans.


Dushnisky is a member of several highly regarded societies, councils and associations including: the Business Council of Canada, the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of British Columbia, and the Institute of the Americas, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Council for the Americas. As chairperson of the investment committee of the World Gold Council and representative for Barrick Gold at the Council and at the International Council on Mining and Metals, Dushnisky is actively involved with how the industry is evolving. He also holds memberships at Accenture Global Mining Executive Council and Shanghai Gold Exchange International. As member of the National Advisory Council Dushnisky was involved with several roundtables evaluating the role Canada played in the emerging markets.
Kelvin Dushnisky President of Barrick Gold Corporation