Louis Coetzee

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March 26, 2017
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March 22, 2017

Louis Coetzee

  • Company: Kibo Mining plc
  • Year of birth: 1964
  • Last known country of residence: South Africa

Louis Lodewyk Coetzee is a veteran South African businessman and mining executive. Coetzee is the chief executive officer and executive director of Kibo Mining plc. He also serves as the chief operating officer of the Mzuri Group and holds several other directorships. Coetzee has more than 25 years of experience in developing and promoting businesses and finding financial backing in the public and private sector. After several years spent in the corporate world in various industries Coetzee started focusing on the field of exploration and mining. He launched, developed and promoted several smaller mineral exploration companies located mainly throughout Tanzania.


In addition to achieving several tertiary qualifications in areas like project management, law and languages and supply chain management, Coetzee also graduated with a MBA in business planning, strategy and entrepreneurship from Bond University in Australia.


Louis Coetzee’s first job was with a consulting company. Since then he has held several roles in business development and project management, mainly in the mining sector. He also worked for the South African government on a project that concentrated on developing and implementing regional privatisation and development policies. Coetzee held and continues to hold directorship to several companies including the Centurion Institute of Technology and Management Limited, RUSAF Gold Ltd and Savannah Mining Ltd. His experience in business dealings includes strategy, training, project management on an international level, strategic consulting, supply chain management and sourcing financial backing from various sources.

From 2007 until 2009 he was the vice president of business development of Great Basin Gold, a Canadian listed company. From 2010 until 2013 Coetzee served as acting CEO of East Africa Resources Limited and as director until 2012. He was also director of Tanganyika Uranium Corp from 2006, and is a founding member of Cell C, one of the three major mobile phone networks of South Africa. As in 2017 Coetzee serves as director and CEO of Kibo Mining, Mzuri Group, Boulder Mining Ltd, Mzuri Energy Ltd, Mzuri Resources Ltd and Savanna Mining Ltd.

Managerial Achievement

With at least 50 people under his governance Louis Coetzee takes a leading management style. As in 2015 the total value of the assets under his control amounted to a market capitalisation of ZAR320 million. Coetzee’s philosophy in life is to do it right the first time and he has a dislike for lazy people. His future aspiration is to see Africa, and in particular South Africa achieve its potential socially and economically so that it can be considered as an important country in the developed world.

Personal Life

Louis Coetzee is married to his wife Debbie Coetzee. The couple have two children, a son named Christiaan who was born in 1993 and a daughter named Ingrid who was born in 1997. Coetzee drives a BMW and has a dog as a pet. In his free time he enjoys watching sport like rugby, reading books on philosophy and history, and listening to classical music. He considers his biggest personal achievement as building the largest mineral rights portfolio in Tanzania in a period of four years.
Louis Coetzee CEO and Executive Director of Kibo Mining